About Tumbles

At JW Tumbles, we understand that exercising young minds and bodies is important. So is having fun. Our goal is to make learning not only a great experience, but also a rewarding one. From four months to nine years, our unique programs help build upon social and developmental skills in a fun and nurturing environment that’s fun for you and your Tumbler.

As you enjoy watching your child develop a more confident, capable mind and body right before your eyes, you’ll understand why JW Tumbles truly is “a learning playground". Tumblers practice physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and sports preparation. Of course, we accomplish all this in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere that allows each child to grow in his or her own way, at a comfortable pace. Our Tumblers emerge happier, healthier and better prepared to grow into young adults.

Peek into a JW Tumbles and your kids will see a wonderfully inspired playground with friendly, approachable instructors, who will truly make you smile as you watch your child squeal in delight. At Tumbles, we truly care about helping parents fulfil their children’s physical, social and personal potential.